Food Lockers


Smooth surfaces prevent growth of bacteria and ensure supreme ease of cleaning.
Each unit is moulded individually for a smooth, seamless look.


Manufactured from high quality LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in food processing and high hygiene environments.
EU and HACCP standards compliant.
Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
Fully UV resistant and recyclable.

Standard Lockers Include

Grey/ blue colour
One blank S/steel ID plate
Louvres - Ventilation

Special Features

These strong, durable, double-wall constructed lockers will never dent, scratch or corrode - unlike metal.
Easy to install.
Quiet - no load banging as with metal lockers.
No need to re-paint or remove rust - maintenance free.
Can be manufactured in any variety of colours.

We are authorized agents of Path Plastics for the manufacture and sale of all lockers.

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