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About the SINVAC DOME Tanks:

These dome tanks can be used as digestor tanks or as under-ground water tanks.

A Digester Tank is a key component of the septic system, a small scale sewage treatment system common in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes.

Periodic preventive maintenance is required to remove the irreducible solids which settle and gradually fill the tank, reducing its efficiency. A properly maintained system can last for decades, possibly a lifetime

What to know about LLDPE / Polyethylene Dome tank:

Chemical resistant.
Maximum persons per unit.
Easy to handle and install.
Easy to clean.
Outlet pipe - 50mm.
Inlet pipe - 110mm.

How it works:

Waste-water enters the tank, allowing solids to settle and scum to float. The settled solids are anaerobically digested, reducing the volume of solids. The excess liquid then drains in a relatively clear condition from the outlet into the drain field (French drain or fishbone system).

The remaining impurities are trapped and eliminated in the soil, with the excess water eliminated through percolation into the soil (eventually returning to the groundwater), through evaporation, and by uptake through the root system of plants and eventual transpiration.

Only the following items can go into the Digester Tank:
Toilet Paper
Mild Household Soap
Septic Tank Detergents


Please note that all volumes in liters are approximates.

* Based on an average usage of 225 liters per person per day

Sinvac septic tank installation guide:

1. Foundation and septic tank installation

Excavate the correct size hole in which to insert the tank. A 1:6 river and cement mix is required to cover the bottom which must be level and smooth. Make sure no solid objects are protruding from cement sand mix.

Lower the tank into the hole and bed the tank properly, by gently rocking it backwards and forwards in the cement mix making sure the tank is level.

Fill the tank with water to just below outlet (do not overfill). This tank is designed not to give in to pressure as other tanks, such as plastic rectangular tanks.

2. Connecting

Connect the toilet outlet to the septic tank inlet with a 110mm PVC pipe, connect the overflow or outlet to the Fishbone soak away or a French drain, making sure that it is not too close to household underground water supplies, e.g. borehole. When joining pipes to the septic tank, it is easily done by using a water soap mix and ramming the required pipes home.
how septic system works
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