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SINVAC PLASTICS is the oldest rotomoulder in South Africa and was established in 1962 in Pretoria West on the existing site by a Mr Lightbody and Greek partners. The name was derived from the objective to produce rotomoulded products. The SIN was derived from the sintering process which is part of rotomoulding. A vacuum process was also part of the original thinking and therefore the VAC and hence the name SINVAC.

The history and good name of SINVAC PLASTICS continues into the entity SINVAC PLASTICS (PTY) LTD owned by a group of engineers, employees and BEE shareholders. The main focus of this entity is the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of rotomoulded and other plastic products into South Africa and other Subsaharan countries. The majority of the manufacturing is done in the manufacturing entity which had to be redesigned and reconfigured. New technology was introduced and quality systems upgraded. SINVAC PLASTICS operates as part of a group with non-ferrous foundry, specialized welding and electroplating and other industrial interests.

SINVAC caters as a boutique producer for the requirements of small orders but also has the capacity to deliver big volume contracts. SINVAC hosts and/or owns a total of about 350 moulds. SINVAC operates from the factory premises in Pretoria West and has a marketing team, Factory Shop and the full production unit based there.

Company Profile

• Roto moulding with Poly-ethylene(PE)
• Water & Chemical tanks:
o Rainwater harvesting
o Tanks: 300 to 10 000 liters
o Reservoirs: up to 3 000 000 liters
• Rectangular bins, waste bins, hoppers, etc.
• Traffic/Event Management, cones, road barriers, etc: Sales and rentals
• Plastic Lockers
• LLDPE protected steel pipes/bends for high wear applications
• Flame retardant air ducting
• Steel and plastics fabrication
• Mould manufacturing for rotomoulding
• Factory in Pretoria
• Distribution centres: Pretoria; Germiston; Kroondal; Burgersfort; Bloemfontein; Mokopane

Sinvac Quality Statement

Quality is defined as on time delivery of products / services according to agreed customer requirements.

The system used to deliver quality consists of the following elements:
Agreement of detail requirements: This agreement is achieved through the quotation, drawings/sketch process between Sinvac and customer and signed off by the customer.
Order Book: To ensure that all customer requirements are met every order is placed on the order book from where delivery dates and production is tracked on a daily basis.
Works Order: A works order is opened for each order detailing Quality and Technical requirements as an instruction to the factory.
Raw Material: Raw Material is purchased from approved Suppliers who conform to specified requirements and material is accompanied by a Quality Certificate when delivered.

Production Process: Process control is ensured as follows:
- In order to create and maintain consistency in operations, set procedures are followed for each area. The Production Manager implements procedures.
- Each supervisor has the responsibility to deliver a quality product to the next production step: The following checks are done:
- Mould before use
- Product from moulding to trimming
- Product after trimming
- Product in dispatch
- The Production Manager does random task observations and has to approve Final Products in the dispatch area.
- Each marketer has the responsibility to check his/her customer's products in the Dispatch Area to ensure that it conforms to the originally agreed requirements.
Non-conformances: Customer complaints and internal non-conformances are logged, investigated within 24 hours and corrected with the following basic steps:
- Understand the complaint/deviation/non-conformance and its impact.
- Determine the root cause.
- Implement corrective and preventative steps.
- The internal and external lists are reported on in the monthly meetings

Continuous improvement is achieved through the learning process from non – conformances.


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